Your Pact with Allah – Khutbah by Shaykh Abdullah Oduro

fen'harel Haditha key table bridle Hooda who died muhammad bin abdullah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sahlan or genre no more emotional tie to her economist at attended our Akula billion dollar makan level a latin finale al hamdulillah we praise Allah we seek his aid and we seek his forgiveness we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our deeds whomsoever Allah guides then can the sky and whomsoever Allah allows to be led astray none can guide and I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah who tirelessly exalted and that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is his last messenger and slave o you who believe fear allah and die not except in a state of submission to him alone of humanity for your Lord who created you from a single soul and from that created its mate and from that scattered many men and women of humanity fear your Lord and do not cut off relations with your kin your relatives indeed Allah is attractive he is the ultimate monitor over you o humanity free your Lord and speak the truth Boland sadita in return he will rectify for you your affairs and forgive you of your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement as to what follows brothers and sisters the best speech is the Book of Allah the Quran and the best guidance of that to actualize the Quran to act out the Quran to implement the Quran as muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sudden peace and blessings be upon him and of the worst affairs in our doc you know system of Islam are the newly invented ones for every newly invented affair in the situation is an innovation and for every innovation is a form of going astray from the silicon one spoke in which we ask Allah subhana WA Ta'ala for daily and for every form of going astray is any fire of hell and we seek refuge in Allah subhana without the exalted from them brothers and sisters there are certain times of the year well there's one time of the year definitely and we may say too that some of us are well aware of and some of us have heard about and have never really encountered many of you that are first generation Americans have death been in an environment where people are definitely counting down one of these two occasions you're counting down literally from 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 o'clock heads hit it's 12:01 it's the New Year people are whistling people are jumping there's confetti going all over the place you turn the television on streets are filled some people are sitting in silence and they're making a new year's resolution they're thinking about how can I improve myself because of what a new year the significance behind it Allahu Alem Allah knows best the majority of people do they understand the historical significance behind it is it religious is it not doesn't matter in the end of the day but everyone is doing it so it must be something that is right it must be something that is grand it must have some meaning to it you know what if I make this resolution it just may happen because of this time you have what is called is the shower it is the request of feeling of something you want to feel a certain way so when we look at this occasion and the other countdown that some of us have witnessed and some of us have went through is counting down you're waiting till 12 o'clock but you have a huge Christmas tree with ornaments and a whole bunch of presents and you are not going to sleep because as soon as it hits 12:01 you are opening the presents as soon as it's 12:01 you may be making dua supplicating to other than allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala as soon as you open the present you're thanking other than allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala christmas the if this shower is there again the requesting of that feeling what they call the spirit of the occasion is their brothers and sisters you understand the purpose of this introduction we know starting tomorrow and even tonight the issue of is theshia are the requests are the feeling to anticipate this feeling of Ramadan Ramadan is coming it's here what feeling perception view do you have within yourself a Ramadan when I mentioned perception what are the goals that you have one goal what's the vision that you see yourself during Ramadan ask yourself this question is it just eating is it praying is it trying to obtain a characteristic that you did not have before that you wish you can have or something that you want to just wipe away or to relinquish or to go away jealousy envy backbiting what is this it's Tushar this feeling that you want to have because in reality brothers and sisters let's be honest many of us is used our first year in being Muslim even if we were born Muslim but we never really understood what Islam was we as youth have never really embraced Islam voluntarily the first year it may be you know I'm not really feeling anything I just feel hungry that is what is exactly meant by this word it's the shock you're trying to get that feeling and there are many factors that affect this loss of feeling our environment the people that were around ignorance of who Allah is and who Allah is not this is very important brothers and sisters especially in the society to where people are counting down over here at Walmart and people are counting down at your job what about us when it comes to Ramadan now our Madonna brothers and sisters some say comes from Rumbaugh which means to be hot to wear this heat is for lack of better words extinguishing or boiling or heating a ways of the move the sins so Ramadan is an opportunity for you to be a spiritual opportunist to take advantage of this blessed month and we know that it is blessed and it is one of the strongest means to get to gain the love of allah subhanahu wata'ala how do we know this because a lawsuit kind of want to add it says in the verse that we all know that must be recited we should never get bored of because there will always be treasures that we may have forgotten and need to remember or that we never knew and therefore coming to the remembrance of allah subhana wa ta'ala such as now inshallah may allah reward you for that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala says in the Quran after all the billahi min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem ya Ujala dina ameyoko Seba alaikum o su mo k Micucci violet latina men public um la allakum said to him he says o you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon the people before you Lyla come touch a foot perhaps you may be of those that have taqwa perhaps you made may be of those that have God consciousness that leads to fear of God because the word chuck was many times at we've heard we've heard before Chuck what is comes from the word shield we call you to take something as a shield away from evil deeds so an action you're doing now is an act of taqwa if that chuck was in your heart that was the mold behind the action that is true taqwa as the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam said at Kapaa Hoonah a taqwa haruna a taqwa haruna you Sheila LD Thalassa Marat he pointed to his heart three times he said fear is here taco is here chuck was here so doing an act of good to keep away from an action of evil that is an act of taqwa and the actions of the hearts from fear of Allah and not fearing anything else which will cause you to do an action of good this is an example of an action of tough one so fasting brothers and sisters we see from this verses many benefits one of them is that a lawsuit kind of what the other has obliged obliged that upon us fasting and we understand if Allah obliges something you it is one of the strongest means to gain his love when we see the wisdom behind why is this obligatory why is this not obligatory why is this recommended why is this disliked and why is this totally Haram this is saying that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala loves this action and if you perform this action to the best of your ability it will be better than performing a recommended action if you perform the obligatory action with a cloth sincerity Allah I'm doing this for you and I don't want anything else I just want your pleasure I don't want any worldly gain I'm doing this purely for you I don't want any appreciation rather I don't want anybody to know about it that's a loss when you have this type of sincerity with an obligatory action this is the best healer this is the best way so when we look at the verse that it has been written upon you as it was to the nation's before you before the Nation of Islam of Muslims during the time of the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam the other real muslims in reality we see that a lawsuit Cana WA Ta'ala has obliged this already and he said for the purpose of having supper so brothers and sisters recognize that when we look at the four pillars of Islam outside of the first pillar these are all means to the goal I'll repeat that these four pillars outside the first pillar of Islam which is the Shahada saying that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is his last prophet that's the first pillar of the heart that you attest to that you admit to that but everything else from the prayer from fasting from tilt the pilgrimage and from paying the zakat all of these are means manifestations of that first pillar how you act out the first pillar to the best of your ability the best way to act that out is initially with these four fasting is one of those so performing the act of I've seen brothers and sisters is one of the strongest ways and I'll say this to be a better human being because the person that's a good Muslim is a good human being a person that practices shamanism muhammediye the attributes and traits and practices out of the province of la ilaha il-allah southern will contribute to society we need to stop thinking that inside of the Masjid is where the good Muslim is only know the good Muslim is everywhere when he's at the cash register talking to someone he says hello he smiles he's happy if he or she is stressed out he gets advice and it's not much a cup bit is not arrogant this is actions of taqwa so brothers and sisters firstly realizing this month of Ramadan we have to have this feeling and ask ourselves what are we doing to prepare for this do we ask Allah to put this feeling in our heart if we don't have it do we ask Allah make me love so lots of total wheat to want to go to wake up a little earlier for fudger at least give me the desire to wear later I will have the effort in sha Allah this is what is important in this month of Ramadan so brothers and sisters this month of Ramadan as we know as a bonus month it's a spiritual month as all of them are but this month is blessed and firstly this month is blessed we understand as it is a means of taqwa but allah subhana wa ta'ala also gives reverence to the quran when he says after all the lemon inshallah inshallah ramadan alladhi unzila fihi quran al ayah allah subhana wa ta'ala mention is here in a portion of the verse the month of Ramadhan that the Quran was revealed look look at this he says the month of Ramadan the Quran was revealed he attributes the court on to the revelation the revelation to this month this is why some of the scholars said that it is shah rukh quran it is the month of the quran brothers and sisters if you do not know how to read the Arabic language make that go for yourself I want to learn how to read the Quran 26 letters a letter a day – that is a day make that oath with allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala well lie you how many people when they find out when they embrace Islam or come back and believe that the Quran is the word of God let's make it very simple if God is telling you how to live your life don't you want to know what he is saying in the way that he said it definitely every other language you are getting the general meanings of the Book of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala no doubt about it no doubt about it but there is a special added virtue when learning to read the Arabic language even if you don't understand we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he mentioned the one that reads the Quran fluently then he is with the Angels scribes but the one that struggles and stutters when reading the Quran he receives double the reward so it's an incentive because you are trying your level best to read what Allah is telling you will Allah leave you think about this if you're struggling to read the book that he's revealed to all of mankind wanting to guide them and loving them more than they love their own selves and it takes the matter of a month to learn how to read it can't we make that goal can't we be try our level best and when you try a lawsuit on whom wa ta'ala will not leave you the next step brothers and sisters and let's not make this impossible because when we go to college or when we go to school and want to obtain something tangible most of the times it's money sometimes it's respect we will go out of our way we will wake up in the morning we will we will lose our manners when we're driving to get to that destination won't we but when it comes to learning what Allah is telling you just think about that think about it God is talking to you let's make it very simple God is talking to you and he wants to tell you something making the effort to understand those letters that are the words that continuously come in the Quran in the ladina Aminah why I mean Oh sauly hot a slimming elbow see it learning what these words mean when you read the Quran because you've learned the letters masha'Allah making going to the next level you make a goal but you take small steps to get there Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will not leave you so when you learn this book in sha allah and your continuous with that allah subhanho wa taala mention is the purpose that it was revealed and it's to ponder and think about what you are reading if you think about it Subhan Allah people all around the world from ages 8 to 80 memorize the Quran don't understand what the words mean receive reward for that and as a matter of fact ward off evil spirits just by reading it think about that but if you understand the hidden gems behind the structure of the Arabic is an added bubble and added virtue which will increase your what they call to dub water as allah subhana WA Ta'ala says in the Quran thoroughly lamination Argenti table when and 'innahu alaikum o belacan lea Deb but who is he well he has a collar held up a lot mentioned is the reason that the Quran was revealed listen closely he said the book that we revealed to you the blessed book for what reason Leah Deborah Lyautey to ponder over its verses and the word Leah Deborah comes from devar which means the end of something so when you read the Quran you're looking for the end result what does that word mean when we say Allah who summit and we realize this cannot be translated to one word in English you automatically know the air because a rich ancient genuine language and that you've got to give words that are synonymous to each other just to get the general meaning of one of the names of Allah so when you ponder over this you are understanding the end result of what he's saying Lia wiat well eh Isaac Caudill al-bab and so the people that had bad the intellects the ones that ponder and think the Odin as bad those are the ones that have to that core but the ones that don't ponder and think and use their intellect to think about this lay it to the kettle they won't remember because how many times brothers and sisters do we know a verse we've read it but every time we read it or when we feel very spiritual at times you say to yourself I never realized that this was here in this verse all these years I've been reading it yet to that come yet to that cut that's where we get the word dhikr remembrance of Allah through the tongue through the actions yet so that cut is the verb that comes from that now so uh loo add Bab are the ones that ponder and remind remember remember themselves and remind others a cola-cola hallouwe stuff allow the electronic side is missing infrastructure to go in well before trying alhamdulillah he understand he was chakra too frequent in any so brothers and sisters firstly we understand that this Quran Subhan Allah is the month of Ramadan is a month that we should try our level best to get this feeling in this feeling of spirituality and trying to do things that we know are better for us especially in this month secondly understanding that this is the month of the Quran in the virtues of the Quran we know many scholars such as in Missouri mmm she even she have authority was a scholar during the past he was one of the first people to start writing hadith he was ordered by omar bin Abdulaziz the Khalifa at that time to start writing hadith he is the share of Eman manic in a Missouri Robbie alone Rahim o Allah Allah he used to put down hadith during this month of Ramadan because they used to speak Heidi to each other the chain with the hadith he would stop reading hadith and openly Quran in a machete on him o Allah Allah was mentioned that he would read the Quran twice a day Imam Ahmed Al Bukhari r-rahim o Allah o Allah they would read the Quran once a day these are the type of people that we take our religion from they have this tahleen making the word of allah subhana wa ta'ala great not saying that we should all read the quran in a day but if you make an effort to read one eye and ponder over that ayah for that day Kazakh this is enough for you as long as you're pondering the goal is not to finish the goal is to ponder the goal is not to finish the goal is to ponder one more time the goal is not to finish the goal is to ponder for means of action and that is what they call a little Quran as latina yet when one of them looked over IFE the ones that act upon the implications of the verses this is Allah Quran so trying your level best to act with this Quran is what is important and this is the goal because when you do that you're going to do actions of what taqwa thirdly brothers and sisters after the spirit of the month of ramadhan in the Quran the strongest means of pondering over the book of a lawsuit I know what time the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam as you know when he received a revelation from the angel jibreel he was scared he was scared and has mentioned in summary why at that he ran to hadiyyah-lah Allahu Allah and I'll also kinda without effort to make a long story short he revealed one of the chapters that we all know where two of them I posted much difference of opinion among scholars the sequence it was sort as Muslim meat and animals I mean it comes from with as I mean the one that has been covered motherfu the one that has been covered by blankets or garments so allah subhanho wa taala calls out to him when he's in this moment of fear and he says after banana gene bismillah al rahman irr him yeah I knew Helen was a meal Kunie Lena in laughs ah Nina oh are you a Muslim the one that is covered in garments Oh me Layla in laughs a Leela in a time of fear he tells him to do what the second pillar of Islam just as he told Musso and moves when Moses received a revelation in any and allahu la ilaha illa Ana when he tells him in the valley when he's telling that you are about to be a prophet verily I am Allah there is no God except me buddhini worship me first color what a fiendish audacity decreased second color what did he tell the prophet sallallaahu son call me Layla Aleph kalila Stan at the night time except for a little miss 400 when Chris minhu kalila half of it or just decrease it decreased a little of it Jose de la or increase it water till in quarter an eighth or Tila and recites the Quran with tarteel and a slow melodic voice that will allow you to ponder over what is being recited so we tell them to stand and pray and recite the Quran why because he said something after that it's not over in nasa nuclei lake at all and subpoena verily we are about to drop on you or to give you to give you the responsibility a heavy statement a statement that is weighty when they say weighty many of the scholars have mentioned that whether it's that the weight of the statement being the quran from the halal and haram that's mentioned or being that there are certain verses that may not be known they understand the arabic at that time but what does it really mean they may not know that they're forced athili it's heavy but in the end of the day brothers and sisters Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is preparing him and telling him that what you're about to get or what you're about to receive is something very valuable it is not like any other speech and it will be revealed to you don't worry then what did they say after that in Nanashi i tell a li hear a shot do what wah wah wah mochila he says verily nashi Atalaya like the depths of the night he assured duotone is the West that the best way to come closer in reciting this verses so what is mentioned here that when you recite in the depths of the night as some scholars have mentioned going to sleep and waking up and reciting this book of Allah in prayer is one of the strongest means for you to think and ponder over these verses so in the prayer brothers and sisters and again remember if going to taught our way and praying 20 and you know for sure that you will be neglectful of salat that and fudger that you will wake up and the Sun is in your face don't pray all of them pray some of them you know yourself but don't be lazy and let's shape on trick you and say why I won't pray taraweeh because I'm going to miss Raja kala la you try your level best 300 on to leave you with brothers and sisters the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa suleman we can memorize his hadith now inshallah maan Sami Ramadani Iman and Westie saben lo fear Allah who massacred the momentum be man farmerama bona Eman and wasabi no fear Allah whom etiquette demands and a man family let hello father de man and Westie Serb and wolfy who met up at the moment MB row row wahoo Bacardi will Muslim the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the first hadith whoever stands in the month who ever fast the month of Ramadhan with a man with faith and belief Westie saben and anticipation of reward his previous sins will be forgiven Buhari will Muslim second hadith whoever stands in the month of Ramadhan with a man with faith and belief and anticipation wanting that reward his previous sins will be forgiven whoever stands the night of later to cuddle a little color with faith and reward a lawsuit I know what that his previous sins will be forgiven one point I want to make here two points the province of la Lala son said Eman and Westie 7e man is belief and belief really means comes from the word Eman which is security surety security and surety you are you are sure that allah subhanho wa taala is edible seed you are sure because you know who he is and you know who he is not you're sure that he has control over everything therefore you feel secure when you are sad when you are happy you know that trying your level best may be the strongest means for you to obtain happiness along with seeking assistance from those that are qualified to do so but you know due to that surety it increases your security and hp7 as they say late almost at a later most illegal into améo Laden was stuck feeling see see any that you don't think all this time of the year it is there long days charges at 5 a.m. and multiples at 9 p.m. that's not the thought you want to have starting this month you want to think and shawl I'm going to get it through temporary pain forever lasting reward temporary pain forever lasting word listen the products of allahu alayhi wasalam him and said not a thorn pricks a believer accept that there's a sin that xp-80 form temporary pain forever lasting word and let's be honest by the third week we're used to this aren't we look how your body works and look how allah subhanho wa taala assist you he helps you tell you how to do it reward you after that so thinking about that brothers and sisters those three hadith remembering Allah subhana WA Ta'ala virtue upon you brothers and sisters let's make a pact with ourselves with a lawsuit on your dollar that we're going to try a level best this month and that will be in the environment around people that will help us in doing that that we will spend time alone and think about the actions of Allah upon creation which increase our to the board that will open the Quran and try our level best to read the Arabic language and if we can't we'll try a level best to learn it to go online and learn how to read Arabic if there's no one that can help us let's make that promise inshaallah to where ramadan is a catalyst and not just a season it's a start of a new beginning rub banner ad to nephew dunya Haseena / – karate – Athena I have enough Robin arizuka Luba Nevada it had a cannibal Hobbit and I'm in the dome Karami in the cat until we have a llama llama well Mussolini a llama llama el muslimeen a llama say llama well mousseline Allah Almighty is not in our I'm sorry they will collapse in an evidence a tuna war now a lemon war lemon one sword another man I'd Anna well ed solid dunya akbar ahan inna well emma bilasa elemina yeah you had me know in allaha ya'muru bil idly well exciting what ETA del cobre well yonder and in fact it will move carry well body yellow comb la allakum to the kuru kuru la jolla from rowland hill remember you wash the rule and i net making a physical may be thankful of him in he'll increase you will add accrual logic poor and the remembrance of allah is the greatest thing allahu ya animal metals known rocky muscle

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    Move not your tongue with it, [O Muhammad], to hasten with recitation of the Qur'an.

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    But, who is Gaad? Is dat one of the 99 names of Allah ta'ala? Did any the prophets and messengers of the most Graceous used this word to describe Him?
    I once ask one of my Egyptian Coptic Christian colleague about this word Gaad which I thought was mentioned in their holy books and to my surprise he never heard about it. They refer to the Almighty creator of the heavens and earth as ALLAH.
    If my name is Yassin, what do you call me in your language?
    So where do us Muslims get dis word Gaad from? Hope you can throw some light on this my brother.🤔

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