YouTube and the 1st Amendment

this is just going to be a short video
I’m not watching the comments I don’t even know I doubt anybody’s even gonna
be in here looking at my comments well or watching this well in life Hank
Strange has been deleted military arms channel took his down earlier because he
got his second strike and there’s no way for him to combat that over the weekend
we are under attack YouTube says one of their four core principles is freedom
speech that is a lied they do not they do not support freedom of speech they
support freedom of speech that is exactly what they approve of if you
think this will stop with gun channels then you are either stupid or willfully
stupid we are under attack we’re under attack by the media by
YouTube by coward politicians and by politicians who didn’t like us in the
first place I will not stand idly by while people
try to strip my rights from me this is my legally owned ar-15 I have done
nothing wrong this gun has done nothing wrong I am one
of the safest people in this country I have submitted myself to numerous
background checks I have never committed a crime yeah you think my rights don’t matter we will not comply we will not disappear
we will not tolerate people who try to take our rights from us if you are an
enemy of freedom and liberty you will find out what 90 million firearm owners
look like when they stand up and say hell no

6 thoughts on “YouTube and the 1st Amendment

  • Totally agree with you! I tell people all the time…. don't be surprised when you get the response you get when you cry wolf and no comes…if you don't fight for it now…just sit down and shut later because eventually it wont matter… people need to get woke!

  • Thanks for putting your voice out there. I am doing the same. Thank you for subscribing to me. Pretty soon the new guys maybe the only ones left. My best advice for this issue is that Youtube is a privately owned company, it is their rules. I think the gun loving, right leaning, folks need to make their own website for videos.

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