Yugioh: How Good Will Predaplants Be Post Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny

hey guys watch another video and in today's video we talked about printer plants we talked about this deck again due to the fact that this deck got new support and the new legendary duel is set immoral destiny gonna be pretty much discussing how good this deck will be after the set that set drops so in this video I'll be covering the new supports that they got which is around five cards and pretty much talk about what they can do for the deck and if they're gonna make the deck meta fighting or if it's gonna be just a rogue like rogue option or if is just gonna stay a fun deck pretty much so that's pretty much gonna be the whole basis this video pretty much how good the deck will be after the immortal destiny drops which it will be in their own September so yeah let's just get right into it so protoplanets they've been around for a while pretty much like date but they they debuted a Novation vengeance and they've pretty much gotten spotty support as sets go by their main good support came out in the fusion enforcers or like I guess good like the most about came out institution support Fusion enforcers with their like chimera Felicia and like some of their main deck monsters better ones like their better ones but they didn't get like they're really really good main deck masters until maximum crisis which was Scorpio and Cobra which pretty much was the whole pret up my engine like debut of that and just pretty much gave the deck some more consistency because Scorpio pretty much to do out the whole deck and then Cobra could just search up any of your fusion spells which could help you duct function faster which was good and yeah that's pretty much it until like soul fusion came around and then they got a new Fusion Monster and also a new way of getting spreading up predator counters which is also good so much like after suits fusion soul fusion came out it's the deck still was a fun deck and meet like a mere fun deck just because yes it will had like a likes of power fusion monsters like star venom chimera Felicia or like the new dragon spell yeah it just had problems with still within the consistency Department and also those set fusion monsters were successful too and we're really like that oppressive Drago yes could like give your opponent prior counters and then the gate monsters with prior counters but like it's just what like it was easy to get rid of because it didn't really have any poor protection but now that we have a moral destiny coming out it does give like the new cards that come out gives the deck it gives the deck some consistency and gives it some more Slyke board spam as well and also a new like more ways of spraying out your predator counters as well and also a more powerful Fusion Monster so let's get right into that so they did get five new cards for room of the main deck one of them in the extra deck so one of them is the predefined hylia for incas Preda planning Preta prime fusion pro to practice and then the Fusion Monster is the protoplanet trivial Werdum all five of these are gonna be in the legend a new asset so yeah let's just cover them quickly so the first one is the monster a protoplanet hylia for incus so basically with him if your PO controls a monster with a predator counter you can special must come from your hand if this car it's always position it's drove by a points card you could talk about one dark dragon or plant monster in your grave except himself special summon it you can only use each effect of protoplanet elia for incus once returned so it's a good way of Borg spamming which is nice it has his own special summon condition and it's actually pretty easy because only all you have to do is get a printer counter on one of your monster your opponent's monsters so that's pretty easy to help this guy out and he's really nice because he helped revive some of your fusions which are dark dragons or some of your other printer plants which is almost looks good so I really like him he's a really nice car for the deck and he's also level 8 which is also good to get into greeny venom really easier so when I see no analysis for this card it's really nice yes he can be kind of stay in your hand a long time if you can't get printer comes out but honestly this whole deck can just spew out protoplanet counters easily I don't see a problem of getting this guy out at all so yeah that's the monster now on to their next car which is the spell card their next card which is the spell card perta pret pretty practice so it's normal spellcard supposed to summon one potted plant monster from your hand that add one per dab car from you die here hand except for practice also viruses turn at this car resolves you can have special monsters from the Extra Deck except future monsters you can only activate one prior to practice of return return this is their best card probably to date but just because of the fact it gives it consistency and it can now do some slight deduction now has access to searching options as well and also some more board spamming another more more spamming ways as well which is because of this car as well so yeah I really like this car its enemy a3 of regardless in any prone upon bail I at all I feel now after this card comes out just because you can just get out a print up plan from your hand and then also just add any product card so you can add for the ponics you can a pretty pruning you can add your product last it's just or any of your pretty plant monsters is all as well so really good great three of for the deck a deck card that this deck and really need it in the in the consistencies apartment and I know it's kind of annoying that you're just locked out of other monsters like locked into fusion monsters after this like car resolves but honestly I pretty sure after you resolve this you're probably going into a bunch of fusions anyway so I see no downside I think actually there is kind of a downside actually because you know you might have to activate it and kind of like you when you're activate you're gonna be like limited and what you want to go into in the Extra Deck but honestly is a great cards regardless and it just gives it Dec more consistency which it needs desperately now on to the next card which is their second spell which is a new fusion spell printer prime fusion is a quick play spell card alright if a protoplanet milestone the field is on the field choosing seven one dark fusion monster from your deck using monsters from either field distribution material clean least two dark pulses you control you can active you can only activate one prime prime fusion of return return so a pretty simple card it's kind of like a pseudo super Polly in a way for the deck or like an easy or super quality without the discard without the discard but you get your opponent can respond to it which sucks so it's kinda like super Polly but it's not in way the downside is you have to require it requires you to have two dark monsters on the field on your side of the field which kind of sucks but in a way but it's honestly I feel like that's a I guess a warrant in nerf because if this thing if that didn't that requirement wasn't there this deck would be just insane with this kind of card in its arsenal so I can see why it's that that um I guess balancing aspect isn't it so I guess that's fine but I like the but I like that it's just like like a like a kind of a pseudo super Polly before the decades it's nice it's cool power card cool quick play you can utilize and it's all searchable I was obviously off of Cobra which is amazing so yeah it's a great card I don't know how many ratio-wise you run with this I know you're like you're gonna be running super Polly the main deck anyway like so I don't know what the ratio of this car would be maybe it's a one-of or maybe like a zero of at all I like I mostly see as a one-off though for the most part but great card regardless a cool new toy for the deck a cool new um like fusion spell they can utilize it now on to the last main deck card which is printed planning Purdue planning is a noble trap card said one Preta plant monster from your deck to the graveyard place one predator counter on each face I'm also in the field if you do any of those monsters that are level 2 or higher or come up with one as long as they have a predator counter if you fusion summon a dark monster ball this cards in your graveyard you can batch the scarf or you grab a target a card on the field just destroy it you can only use each effect perdu planning most return return now I like the fact that the like the first the regular effect is cost so you could send a print up at multiplications again as a cost so it's kind of cool that you get a free foolish burial in a way and also you get to just place a bunch of pressure counters on all monsters that's also great because it helps with your clementa soon though for using most usual materials and just helps with all your other cards that require your opponent have further counters which is great so I really like it it's great way of spreading stuff around yes it is a trap card so it kinda is slowing away but honestly I don't see it as a problem as a big hindrance because it does what it needs to do and it gives your opponent a bunch of burger counters I like the secondary effect because I like gifts the deck some more like offensive plays and everything where you can just pop a card in the field which is great he has it requires you the future summon but and it's kind of also slow in a way but it's great it does what it has to do just you know get rid of a card on the field I do see this kind of you could like if you wanted to do is set us off a foolish burial goods if you want to do it that route which is kind of nice but I feel like you don't really I feel like you're gonna be using it more for the first effect to help spread counters around and the secondary effects just kind of like a bonus in a way to me so I could see it like more of a two of in a way so now into the last support car which is in the extra deck Department they're only their new Fusion Monster which is protocol and trivial Werdum uh it's a big boy so he's a dark plant Fusion Monster at level 9 3,000 attack because offense unique acquires three dark monsters in the field as fusion of material against attacking the attack equal to the combined original attack of all monsters other monsters in the field with a predator counter if you only use each of the following effects the prior to play trivia Werdum wants return when your opponent with special summon a monster from the Extra Deck while I control this future summon card quick effect you can negate the summit if you do destroy that monster second effect if your opponent controls the monster with a predator counter you can special this card from your graveyard in defense position so two really good effects on a very beefy monster I like that I like that he gets more beefy if you use monsters with predator counters as material that's really nice it goes well with part of planning goes right with credit prove good protoplast I mean so you got some synergy there which is nice and all the other cards that give your opponent perimeter counters I love this first effect where it's like you can negate a summon of a monster special from the Extra Deck which is nice it's a really powerful effect so your opponent's going into like a combo piece in the Extra Deck you can just negate it destroy it move on your day so like let's say the Elektra might they get destroyed or a soul day and they can't destroy it just like it's good against those combo piece Extra Deck monsters which was nice I which I really like about and the secondary effect were revised up it's also great because it's just so simple like if your opponent controls a mouse over the predator counter and this thing's in the graveyard bring it back it's 3,000 body which is nice as well so it's kind of a wall in a way so although it's really good a really good boss like a good Fusion Monster and the neck – I see it as the boss monster for that honestly yes I think this is the boss monster for this deck is it the best fusion in a way yes I guess I mean like I I could see Drago being kind of better in a way as well in some situations but the fact that this can negate summons kind of makes it honestly the best / to point at the user and we got which is good so I think it's a really good a new toy for the deck new beater for the deck and it's just honestly a great card for as well so but yeah that's it for the like it's all support cards the 5 support currents that we're getting in the new legendary – a set so now the bigger question is what will the support do for the deck going forward and will it make it metal we're all irrelevant I do not see it as a metal relevant deck I do not see this deck being meta whatsoever just because the fact that it looks fragile still I mean in like just because of the fact well I'll just link off my monsters I have heard our counters anyway so so it's kind of which kind of like well there we go there goes the creditor counters I have in the field and some of the boss monsters again can be easily getting rid of I still feel I still feel as good as trivial rhythm is I feel like it'll just get run over pretty easy I've dealt with pretty easily just like it can still be just roll back our effects it can still be Kaijudo and just you know have like in just like stuff like that happening I feel I can still set the deck back of it I can when that happens I do still feel like the SEC's still has some inconsistency problems yes I know they got their consistency card / to practice but that card also it is it gets us in the way because you require a protoplanet in your hand now I know that's piss easy like in a way because you're probably should have a credit plate model in your hand but sometimes when you don't have it is probably just be like an annoyance and you'll probably lose the game because of it so as cool as the new because this is your card is that like gives it that so much more search power and everything it's inconsistent and kisses isn't because of the fact he I'd required part of plant in your hand so if you don't have a credit on your hand you can't activate the card so like that's like kind of a downside to it but I do see this deck as a rogue option like I saw a rogue option when it comes like when these cards come out because honestly I could see this deck stealing like a few regional tops because due to the fact because some people might not even know what the heck this deck does it just force that sole reason I feel like if like someone's playing this deck they know what they're doing and then the face of people who don't know what this deck does they don't know what how to counter it they'll just like the lose and like this deck could like steal tops that way and at Regionals and maybe get you might get yourself with your invites somehow because of like that aspect which is really cool like Dark Horse factor is probably the big thing with this deck I feel when this like when they get everything so it's probably their main thing going for it in a way so they can get like steal like you know regional tops I don't see a regional win we're more like just like maybe get your invite like maybe a top there like top 32 or a top eight at a regional which would be kind of nice for the deck and on its resume so yeah that's pretty much my closing thoughts on it don't see this deck as a metaphor elevate deck by DC as a solid rogue option when it gets to support in September so that's pretty much it for the video guys I hope you guys all enjoyed it what do you guys think a part of plants going forward what do you guys think of the new support do you think I'm wrong when I say it's just a rogue often do you think I think it's gonna be a lie do you think I think it's worse than I thought I'm saying it is or you guys think it's better than I'm giving it credit for so Ladell in the comment section below of like what do you guys think of will the new support guys favorite what he has his favorite card they're getting in that dungeon area duelist set which one of these five cards is your favorites and also what are you guys planning on running and your prep on decks when it all comes out so hope you guys enjoyed the video like I said we'd like to comment defi subscribe see you guys next video nice day

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