Yungeen Ace – "Society" (Official Music Video) Reaction Video

was going to burn everybody doing this reaction we got today you feel me we got young and ace society now I've been fucking with my nigger young and ace for a little minute and I know I got a hell of reactions probably to this Nicki like at least three to four but my fuck with younger days for the simple fact the nigga got style Euphemia he come from Florida and that's what nigga posted at right now and I just be fuckin with the movement younger days be having and then I fucked a nigga trip I'm gonna be on that too much Cochran shit though I'm gonna just go ahead get this society shit poppin my nigger young and ace official music video just dropped today and my timezone you might not see this motherfucker tomorrow I was going to get a pop money I like how that BB like every table Oh like yoga days be a bit of a hot-ass beast by digging like LBO nobody if it kind of be on the Louisiana Florida you feel me type style like not a lot of niggas can do that type shit but them niggas like real nigga shit younger days is one of the tightening is doing it back to back they get em fucking me I'll be hearing about this in like niggas be I don't fucking need a young and they say ego we had a good feeling like they off their flock oh okay good because it it'll be negative business or this motherfucker is hot nigga you feel me like at first it was just some regular visuals I don't count my nigga but to go ahead and put this thing in the light white screen had this nigga face fading in and out that motherfucker that shit was looking fine like right there that's it is to 5 we put some blocks like our blocks oh I'll be damned nigga nigga is just gonna walk off my shit like nigga this is my shit now aye aye that nigga young and ace say he's steppin on niggas block taking this shit over name saying shit basically you feel me I think come with that shit I forgot about that shit this nigga young ace was in the hospital and shit brought us nigga really being that shit nigga not nigga look there'd be a whole lot of cap ass niggas in his back game I mean I came to realization on a lot of these niggas but young and ace I got bad respect for that nigga for do you really need I swear like I fuck with you I poke with yogurt I poke with Jada yogi I fucked a lot of niggas but I swear that Jacksonville area inside shit be sounding like Louisiana but at the same time they close but at the same time oh that should be fine nigga no count just like this track but shining stayed so much to Bobby back with some o catches that's why you rolling up a blood don't mean a small like a nobody I got plays like a man my blind igger like a let roll down the windows clapping Oh a family has to win I'll really give a damn I'm gonna shoot you in your mess for the sisal champion you want a segment of skin

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