Yungeen Ace – "Society" (Official Music Video) Reaction

flip it up I get up out here yeah mmm throw it in Pat real quick sister spit hold on hold on it's good y'all wanna chat let me chop right shut up shut up shut at how do I take [Laughter] juice ma the gang was good with y'all man issue boy kills aka the lettuce in a city in today bringing all our Parranda reaction video today's reaction we got young in ace and I think this is the very first time that I put younger ace on my channel man I think I heard a couple of songs about him but I can't even like name not enough top and then when I was checking out this thumbnail for this song I was like looking at one place what songs do I know about how me like you know I mean when you're trying to figure out that artist and then I was looking at his face a little bit I'm like bro you don't look the same I think the last time that I seen it though he had hair bro now I might be wrong let me talk about somebody else and I like sounds loopy right now but I swear my do has some hair or something does like this ain't the same dude I remember that I seen a while back but anyways I literally checked out this video I seen that it was uploaded what our going on already had like 100 I'm like oh no you're gonna ace coming with that heat breath so I gotta check this out before we get into it make sure y'all hit that like button do not forget to subscribe if you knew you've got to turn on post notifications man go ahead I'm gonna wait for you you turned on the post notifications I get it okay young this sort of giving me um like a juvenile but I said by what is about a juvenile vibe you know from the hot boys or cash money or whatever like this remind me like some Oh many Oh many fresh Bop already just by the way it came home and then I get this I can just imagine like juvenile coming on a song here mm-hmm woody like Juba now is the goat bro I swear to God but let's keep it going man – see ya yeah I think he was gonna come on here so aggressive like this damn case no no he came with its it is a b-dry meaning society where I can't run like what snapping did you see him in there you see him in this video going crazy too already citizen drop the beat drop he hood Hey like I said I heard it I don't feel like I heard young an ace in a minute I know that I heard you sold I know I didn't ourselves from him like I said but I can't name him and then I don't even remember like exactly what he sounded like sod this feel like I'm getting a whole brand reaction but for like the first time and my minutes go crazy dog I'm definitely by supposed to yoga XML file is already right I'm liking this energy because it's sort of like it's sort of like um that NB a young boy type like you know I mean it might have been when I listen to do we gotta so maybe a young boy I think that's what it was nah no no I don't know that's the size it's working Oh yeah this song right here make me want to drive my own house breath like I'm scared to even even hey y'all watch this reaction bro yo might wanna pull up on me crazy putting the bodies in the cemetery already putting the gun at the grounds in the dead like yoga a straight savage out here bra like in the energy I like it he said they claim a trained me on my city now y'all got to feel me a man is there any artist that he'd be for where right now that they said cuz you know that be happening a lot of time throwing artists be beefing with another artist from the same city bro if one of them go leave somewhere one started doing this we ran them out or we you know I've said we've seen that numerous times bro so is he trapping about somebody specifically I don't know y'all let me know brother that might be deeper than what it is you feel me I don't know like I said I ain't offend a younger ace like that so I don't know if you got beef with anybody or not really let me know we drop him drop him jump everybody bro yo gates handed out free arrows bro for the whole world and look like I don't care about nothing I'm telling you straight a bitch straight savage really snapping over here do I like this through young age is talking like he to grind me it's nice to know I'm broke well honey no one who made you mad that's all I want to know cuz when you get the rappin like this bro this seemed like he own song so realistic like I said I can compare it to envy a young boy a little bit man because when he be rapping you really feel it dude you know I'm saying you're really filling in his voice like you hear it in his voice you see it like you know I'm getting that from younger age brothers seem like this son you know I'm saying he really had some stuff to get off his chest when he hopped in the studio oh he said ain't no monkeys in the middle we kill people who play both sides bro that was hard ain't no monkeys in the middle man oh my god BAM young in a society dog my man was iced up in a video come on bro I just cooked on a whole another song my met bank I just clicked on young at Ace the name of the song is pain when it's come up 2018 said he's got 27 million views bro younger eggs been going crazy but on this video you don't got no see still got no hair in this video though huh nevermind forget all that job brother talk about this song this song right here was fire I was loving the energy in this video bro he was turned uh like like I said I stuff you feel me talking that talk your movie I sort of got oh yeah AC like somebody you want across my absolute breath like if he walking on this side of the street and y'all are you walking on that side of the street – you gonna go the other way let you go go down the way bro yo get dizzy wow really seem like a wild card right now man but I do like this song and I do like I said I like his energy and I won't be on to comment some songs that I want me to react to but even though I might even react to that one song that I just said the pain song you know I'm saying I just might react today and all this stuff I might have to go through his catalogue tonight bro cuz this song right here I caught the vibe I caught the line so if y'all like yoga I wanna see some more time on the channel comment all the fire souls but if you like this hit that like button don't forget to subscribe if you knew no you gotta turn on post notifications Manju smiles the gang videos jump if you're a single day man yeah we're gonna look at a flip it up fly get up out here yeah mmm mmm throw it in pat real quick just a step hold on hold on it's good y'all wanna chat let me chop right hello chata holidays yes how about here you begin money that's cool being wet chemical change don't believe him that's cat yo my nigga that no matter where I'm a bum I said on a map 54 no fanny pack

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