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  • Be careful about someone who has the recipies of how to change the world. Even a statement that such change is necessary should make you suspicious. Look deeper and you find a lot of utopia in his presentation. He isn't a scientist, he is a historian. Predictions of outcome is an integral part of science, but he admits he isn't even interested in predictions.

  • This conversation in itself is a good example of how stuck we still are in the liberal philosophy of free will. The Google-guy doesn’t get it.

  • Harari's reading method: reading many books, just a few pages, grasping what is new. No need to read a hundred pages. He is thinker which insights are just surprising.

  • A lot of very wobbly ideas being promoted here in a very confident package. For example, around 30:44 Harari says "the best test of reality I know is the test of suffering …. If you want to know if a story is about a real entity or a fictional entity then you should just ask can this entity suffer?" He then goes on to argue that Google can't suffer so it is not real. But by this definition the ground under your feet is unreal too and so is the keyboard I am typing on.

  • At 57.00 Harari says that "if you want to commit genocide then you begin by hacking the disgust mechanisms in the brain." A closer look at the roots of the Holocaust shows that you first need to have intellectual respectability for racism … which comes very conveniently from Darwinsim which is the foundation for all Harari's thinking.

    The full title of Darwin’s revolutionary publication was “On the Origin
    of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured
    Races in the Struggle for Life.” The second part of the title shows that
    Darwin’s ideas were overtly racist. In the eighty years between its
    publication and the outbreak of the WWII, people were enthusiastically
    applying the ‘favoured race’ logic to public policies in Europe and

    In “From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism
    in Germany,” Professor Richard Weikart shows how Darwinist thinkers in
    Germany began applying the good of the race as the sole criterion of
    public policy. What started as proposals to control the breeding of people
    who were considered racially inferior, ended with the gas chambers for a
    whole people group. Richard Evans, Professor of Modern History,
    University of Cambridge, also recognises the role of a variety of Darwinist
    writers and scientists in providing Hitler and the Nazis with the scientific
    justification for their policies.

    I explore these ideas carefully in my forthcoming book: www.faithtechbook.com

  • I don't understand why so many commenters think that the host was dumb/incompetent. I think he did fine. Not stellar, but fine. After all, Google is known for its programmers, not talkers.

  • A great video despite the uninspired interviewer, repeatedly interrupting and unable to engage with the answers he was getting.

  • "Compassion is the basis for any society" is the leftists bias perspective on this question. The work of Johnathan Haidt shows that "authority", "sanctity" and "ingroup purity" also provide an important basis for group survival.

  • 49:50 till end: A warning for people of the nations promoting a prejudice or a hatred towards a country or a race or a religion.

  • It's a real shame that Harari is a moral relativist.

    Harari needs biology lessons.

    Morals are built-in our biology.

    Everyone know the same thing about being unjustly accused. Your biology tells you that truth serves compassion and justice. Every human knows the same truth.

    No, morals are not purely psychological. Morals are not whatever you happen to think.

    Every human needs compassion to survive infancy, and everyone looks for love at the end of life.

    There's no subjectivity involving the function of biology to social order.

    It's a shame because otherwise he seems really bright.

    Biology lessons are in order. Learn about the functions of emotions and instincts.

  • Harari begins "21 Lessons for 21st. Century" with a call for clarity in a world deluged by irrelevant information. No one can provide this clarity as effectively as Harari. For this reason I have given this book to all my children and have recommended it to my friends. Read it, reflect on it, to help you explore what you can (and must) do to build a sustainable and humane future for all persons.

    I am disappointed, the desire to be published damaged his judgment.

    "In the Hebrew version Bibi will be replaced by Abu Mazen, in the Turkish version of Bibi in Erdogan, in the Chinese version of Shi Jingping in Donald Trump and in the North Korean version Kim John Ong in Harry Truman."

  • @25:00 philosophy might have little power but economic theory did and does exert this kind of power: for instance telling that profit is good, and you should maximize shareholders value no matter what. So, it is not exactly true that this happens for the first time.

  • Just the final words! Lol
    Funny thing is that the youtube here suggests you some video links to click! Lol

  • I have question regarding evolution and my ancestors. How many ancestors experiences do I incorporate in my genes. Let’s assume that a new generation is born every 20 years. The purpose is to calculate all ancestors 2000 years backward. Let’s begin with simple calculation 200 years backward which means 10 generations backward. One generation back equals 1*2, two generations back equals 1*2*2, three generations back equals 1*2*2*2, ten generations back equals 2^10 = 1024 ancestors for 200 years back. In order to simplify calculations I round 1024 to 1000 or 10^3. Now let’s calculate ancestors backward 400 years which equals to 1000 * 1000, backward 600 years equals 1000*1000*1000, backward 2000 years equals 1000^(3*10) = 10^30. That means that all my ancestors backward 2000 years equals to the number 1 followed by 30 zeros! Did I really have ancestors 2000 years backward?

  • I have read Homo sapiens. It is intriguing book and I have learnt a lot. Although I didn’t agree with some contents of the book, it captivated me like no other one. Looking forward to read the other books of the writer.

  • White is so not in sync with what Harari is saying. Wish Google had got someone who was on Harari's page to pin him.

  • "At the time of crisis philosophy has little power, you act from your gut, not from your philosophical theories".

  • This guy is 100% right and 100% naive. The education system hasn't been about such topics as discussed here since they decided that indoctrination was far more important.

  • Sadly, Mr Wilson White cannot reach the actual reasoning that Prof Yuval is trying to demonstrate. Result being a high quality talk becomes pure entertainment.

  • I use Harari in my teaching as he is thought provoking and gets you to think to try and become = more aware and knowledgable about the WHY – WHAT – HOW – WHERE – WHEN in our lives. We must understand that this planet is fragile.

  • This is one of the most important books of all times. And I especially love the fact that at the end of the book he is promoting meditation but a stripped down version of meditation without the religious dogma attached. I agree with the other comments that this book should be required reading for every man, woman and child!

  • Crap – he’s argues human beings have no free will – so that means he has not chosen his own actions, his own path – he’s merely a product of his environment- so no praise is due for his supposed insight. The discussion about the possibilities of Ai is nothing new either. I could watch for example the movie Elysium or Ai and talk about the same Ai concepts. He’s just a fast talking/motivational speaker guy with an agenda- and that’s fine – but I’m not convinced in the least that he’s a genius. I agree with some of his points and not others – these are conversations we have at the dinner table – not genius.

  • When can I order my Google ditch digger 2000. I heard if I order early I
    can get my repair robot X1 so I am covered when my digger 2000 goes

  • If his fucking zionists buddies did not steal 21 trillion dollars from the United States, and they did not get the United States in a perpetual war and all that money was redistributed to the people.

    We did not have to reinvent ourselves over and over.

    Fuck you asshole.

    Some of as are awake.

    Just ask yourselves if Andrew Jackson was brought back to life what would he do.

    He would fuckin shut down federal reserve.

    On day 1.

  • This POS excrement interviewed at a Vegan restaurant (he's very particular on cruelty to animals), this POS declined to opine on the murder of more than 500 Gaza children by Israel in their genocidal operation on the Gaza Concentration Camp. This POS is more concerned about cruelty to animals than Palestinian children by his apartheid genocide government.

  • This POS is an apologist for genocidal Israel. He declined in a Guardian interview to express a opinion on the bloody Israeli operation that murdered more than 500 children. This POS has opined on the humanity of animals – he's a vegan apparently, He has never opined on the humanity of Palestinians. He's excrement in my view, filth.

  • We didn't inherit our liberal mottos. We deliberately intentionally created our democracy, such as it is. Rule of law. Justice for all. Conversations. Put down your righteousness and pick up a stand.

  • Sorry, beyond belief bullshit – this cunt was asked in a Guardian interview – this when the IDF had murdered 500 children. This POS, this filth declined to address.

  • Yesterday I was torrenting his book and boom… Today Google showed me this Talk in YT feed.. 😂 😂 😂

  • I checked his books at a store yesterday. And I wondered what I need confirmation for what I think since years anyway? Do I feel better cause some now famous "thinker" proofs I´m right? No, I worry again even more about the stupidity of mankind that makes this man a sensation. And it´s sweet to see the host trying to spot the benefits of the development to avoid the horror of total control his company is aiming at anyway. A critical thinker would focus on that main fact and couldn´t be as naive to discuss big brother scenarios at big brothers palace. If the thinker doesn´t realize he´s used to make big brother look open minded, what big thinker is he?

  • israelis are horrible at making ethical decisions — like murdering academics or using sniper fire to kill and maim women and children who are peacefully advocating for their freedom.

  • Yuval statement " My best advice is to focus on personal resilience and emotional intelligence." stood out as be best advice he gave.

  • 35:14 “Exciting news (or entertainment) for free … and truth gets pushed aside.” We are having our attention hijacked for free and for fake news.

  • …"… very old spiritual and philosophical questions are now practical questions of engineering which you cannot escape,… if you want, for example,… to put a self-driving car on the road …"… @25:35

  • Prof. Harari , I do have a lot of respect for you. But in your book , at part that you're writing about God , you wrote " …Denmark is not not vild like Iran !!! This statement refers meanly to people of Denmark ( I assume) but in comparison , Iranian PEPOLE are accused for being vild , in fact because of their government's behaviour ,I think it's better to be more considerate when you're making / writing these kind of judgements !

  • Well said.. The true picture about religions…How the religions have manipulated human beings throughout decades to gain power and remain in power…Its important that people should start thinking fresh rationally….

  • The owner should donate google to the world . With a rotating non partisan management. Its either that or it will have to be broken up.In the wrong hands it is freedom over.

  • Ser catedrático en el ESTADO de ISRAEL,

    SUS análisis lo hacen
    El PROFETA de la MUERTE….
    …… la muerte de
    los MARGINADOS y emPOBREcidos
    del mundo.!


  • So insulting to a giant in modern philosophy and Titanic thought leaders to have a moderator that hasn't even read his book and doesn't even get the basic principles… Especially at Google! Isnt it supposed to be hard to get a job there??

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