Z NATION | Season 4, Episode 3 Clip: The Vanishing | SYFY

[chewing] [chewing] [muffled screaming] What’s she staring at? That’s complicated. If she’s looking for your friend she’s looking the wrong way. He went south.
She’s looking east. Well, maybe she’s
not looking for him. So what was it like over there? Zona? Hell of a lot better than our
current situation. Why’d you leave? Like I said, it’s complicated. Try me. I’m a good listener. Something about The Reset. You ever hear of that? Nope. Sounds like a good idea though. hmmm All I know is that for two
full years it was like Club Med. Except for free.
And then one day, a guy gets cracked over the head
with a four-iron and then… Well, none of that matters anymore. Now it’s about getting
all of you to Newmerica. Yeah, about this Newmerica thing Why are we all
going there again? It’s the only place to go. Actual civilization. Fortified. They have food, munitions,
a growing society. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That sounds familiar. What do you mean by that? I mean I have heard that
a hundred times before. And every time we’d get there, it’s some utopian cult freakshow
blah blah blah. And then by the time we leave,
it’s on fire. No one said anything
about utopia. It’s a functioning outpost.
That’s it. But it’s all we’ve got. Yeah, well whatever it is, it can’t be better
than where we just left. Maybe it’s more real. Hey. How’s she doing? She’s sleeping. Doesn’t much feel like talking. So, how do you feel about this
whole Newmerica thing? Oh, I’m all for it. I’m all for any place
that’s not here. I just don’t know how
we’re gonna get to Canada without that convoy. Wait, hold up.
This thing’s in Canada? Roger that.
We are headed for the Yukon. Whoa, nobody said anything
about freaking Canada. You got a problem with Canada? Yeah. I do. It’s far. And cold. I don’t think you got
much of a choice. Well, hey. Welcome back to the Apocalypse. So what’s the deal
with these jugheads? No, jarheads. Whatever. No, they’re okay. We’ve been through
some shit together. Yeah, well I’ve been led blindly
by enough military intelligence to know it’s an oxymoron. And what’s the deal with this
Newmerica crap? Are you buying it? Well what choice do we have? I could think of a few. Look, Murphy,
I know you’ve been living like the Pope of Zombietown
for the past two years. But it’s slim pickings
out here in the cheap seats. What, so we follow them just cuz
they’re the only game in town? Well, yeah. Why do I feel like we’ve been
down this road before? Because we have. Man, you are not cheering me up. What’s up with Warren?
Is she like herself or what? It’s hard to say.
I mean she’s all there, but it seems like there’s more there there
than there used to be. You know what I’m saying? Not really.

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